The Lakes water playground

The Lakes Water Playground

Miss Three and I checked out Tauranga’s new water playground at The Lakes. This water playground is located in a new area of The Lakes, so new that the street isn’t registered on Google’s map yet! So it made finding this playground very difficult. Once we arrived, Miss Three wasted no time in trying out all the water equipment.
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This cute little playground has large rocks embedded into the ground with little bridges and grass area dotted around. There’s an Archimede’s screw which brings water up from a little watering hole, river channels with different style gates to control water flow, water pumps and wheels. Also at the playgrounds are swings.

Location of playground Head towards the top of Lakes Boulevard, at the intersection turn right onto Te Ranga Memorial Drive, drive to the bottom of the street and then turn left on Pakanga Grove, playground is on your left.

This interactive playground with water makes it a great addition to the list of wonderful playgrounds in Tauranga. Be sure to bring a change of clothes and a towel because your little one is bound to get wet!

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